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cuts [trio recording]

Little plug for new trio album

Last gig - and acorns

time-frames [incomplete questions]

New podcast: Orrery (part II)

Sonsale (video)

Orrery rehearsal day

New album - "sandbar"

Way In to the Way Out - ten vibraphone picks

Me on Cerys on 6

London Jazz Festival so-farness

Mary Lou Williams Girl Stars - "D.D.T" (1946)

Birthday pressie

Benny Goodman Quartet (1937)

New podcast - "sand"

The Jazz Masters

Libraries mini-tour starts today!!

Couple of technical questions about sign-in

Belonging (part II)

Belonging (incomplete reflections)

Heu me Domine - Vicente Lusitano

Derby Original Music Ensemble - an idea

Just before Lydia's show...

what you did is not who you are

Marion Brown video (1967)

Something to pin on the wall from Cab Calloway

Nick Malcolm Group video

Video: Rollini Trio from 1948

Feed changes

Collider - new album!


Video: Alexander Hawkins Ensemble in Newcastle

"beast's last dance": video

Walt Dickerson's Nexus

Goodbye, old friend

more thoughts on the art/craft


Good news for jazz nationally, from the North-East

Some great photos by Bartosz Kali

Over? I suspect not

Just a few days...

Nice mention from the Splinter gig!

Up/down: but to the side today

science/art/love: learning about music

Re-inventing the rhapsody

Petition Day 4 Petition | LOCOG : Ensure the payment of arts practitioners performing for Olympic events

New links category

Little podcast pressie

Finding things!

Absolutely humongous rant about subsidised arts in Derby

Nick Malcolm Group review!

Andy Hamilton has passed

Shabaka Hutchings - Home


Updated privacy page

IPE (2009-2011) EXHIBITION - Impromptu performance by Corey Mwamba on Vimeo

DIY - NPR's A Blog Supreme

Sun Ra - "Space Is The Place"

Teddy Charles has passed away

From an old e-mail

Review of Music at the Arts Bar: Corey Mwamba - News - FD2D

Bandcamp - some FLAC [but perhaps not the one you first gave]

Cross-contamination | Anton Hunter

Prince - "Sometimes It Snows in April"

Review of Mwamba | Kane | Hawkins from Vibrations

On Cerys on 6!

Race is the Place - THE GIG

Anthony Braxton interview by Robert Levin

podcasts | Corey Mwamba

Bill Dixon - "Currents"

Nat Birchall Group, Vortex Jan 2012 - a set on Flickr

An awe-inspiring comment from Stefan Goldmann

SoulDeep sessions photos

The trio with Dave and Alex

Whitney Houston...

Insanely large rant about the U.K. jazz scene

"bright grey" - basic framework

Next gig!

trio recording - score previews

Trio recording plug!!


more testing...

Grow your own site: the web host

Back from London


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