Corey Mwamba


Libraries mini-tour starts today!!

I've been looking forward to this for a while—I'm playing in three libraries across Nottinghamshire—Mansfield, Southwell and Worksop—this week. The combination of my favourite places with my job is almost too much to bear!

Unfortunately neither Dave nor Joshua could make the tour, so I'll be assisted by Tom Wheatley on bass and [for Mansfield] Joe Cox on drums; then for Worksop and Southwell, Jay Davis. And today I'll be working with the Red Hot Big Band on some new creative improvised music too!

The mission [literally—I'm not even sure it's possible] to Mansfield today will be interesting—a bus epic that sends me ranging across the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire borders. It's actually easier to get to London than it is to travel around the East Midlands—a point that I'm very certain will be highlighted over the next couple of days... wish me luck!

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