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Way of Seeing Coltrane (II)

Way of Seeing Coltrane

is the first thing

Five years as three!

Long games: Sheena Holland

Jazz in the North East: questions

Responsible sharing?

A blow to Jazz North East

Live status updates

a sense of grounding

Shaafi Paideia - "Finding The Spirit"


Watch and discuss? [video]

Some advice from Joyce DiDonato [video]

Charles Mingus interview

bright summer slowdown


One Night Stand - keyboard event [video]


Monk at Birdland, 1963 [audio]

[incomplete] thoughts on a sorry situation

Potentially sad news about One Note Sunday

Duke Ellington at the Côte d'Azur

Charlie Rouse interview

Westbrook Trio - Lush Life [video]

Roland Kirk on clarinet [video]

Short Bill Evans interview

Bonga/Champion/Mwamba @ Gateshead International Jazz Festival

The lack in Momentum

Second Line: a new programme

Nat Birchall Quintet in Greece [video]

Moholo/Hawkins [video]

update - further apologies

some words on solace

Seven Arts, Leeds [video]

How Taxes And Moving Changed The Sound Of Jazz [shared article]

Tony Kofi trio + me [video]

Mitchell/Mwamba/FiNN [video]

Quick notice

Advance apologies for absence

don't overthink it on the Mystery Lesson!

Poets and Players [video]

"don't overthink it" - that is all.

Classic reviews - a call

Jazz re:freshed interview

Regular Marvels

Where the Hell have you been? Part 22109

thoughts on Mr Dyson

don't overthink it - The CD!

don't overthink it - NOW OUT.

Long games II: The return of stupid arts speak

Alexander Hawkins interview on All About Jazz

thoughts that spiralled from HMV

Jazzwise on-line review of Orrery

Bereft: [audio, score]

Golden [free score]

Morning thought #234517

Microblog entries