Corey Mwamba


Entries for 9th Nov 2013

"Schooling's one of the most wonderful things there's ever been" ~ Charlie Parker.

Don't forget—Chris Biscoe, Roger Turner and I play at Voicebox Arts Centre:

It'll be my last Derby gig for a while, I think.

I think I need to take some time and rekindle the desire to play at home again...

...although I've always strived to put on interesting things, it hasn't always worked out: it's a struggle. Definitely worth it! But hard.

It certainly means the trio won't play in Derby this year, which is a pity.

The question for me really is: when will the trio get to Derby for a gig?

I use 2ndline and One Note Sunday to bring new music to Derby, but have an internal policy of not programming myself.

But if I didn't put on my gigs with my groups, I would play in Derby hardly at all: perhaps twice a year.

So, a recharge of the batteries is in order. I'd very much like to play at home more often!

Anyway. Today is e-mail/person/essay catch-up day. Again.