Corey Mwamba


bright summer slowdown

The slowdown of late July through August has begun.

I tend not to do [or get into?] festivals around this period; although I'm clearly busy the other parts of the year. But summer is almost always quiet, and time is spent making new plans; writing material; catching up on reading; and just living. Currently though, the prospect of studying has filled my days with a nervous energy: I'm already looking more closely at how I organise and write music, and thinking about what could change with the coming research.

At the same time, don't overthink it is doing quite well, I think. I only plan on creating fifty hard copies of it, and twenty of them have been sold. Won't be making the top of any charts, but really pleased with the reception of it from the press and people buying it! Feel like I've had a good year so far in terms of the job—hope it continues.

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