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Entries for 15th Nov 2013

Wow. The session with Andy Champion and Ntshuks Bonga yesterday was monumental. So much great music was played...

... cannot wait for people to hear it. It's not up to me, so who knows? It might even be on a label [heh].

If you didn't know [and there seems to be far too many people who don't know] Ntshuks Bonga is a master of the saxophone.

The room we were in—Paper Stone Studios—had a beautiful acoustic. It was the top part of a converted Victorian cinema.

On Twitter, I'd lamented about hard panning of vibes. But Paper Stone Studios avoided that with no prompting. Sensitive.

I'm still thinking [a bit] about Ornithology today. Yesterday unearthed an interesting recording by Don Byas and Benny Harris.

But—because the music is far too good to relegated to a comment:

Rough transcription of Benny Harris' solo on How High The Moon, compared to Ornithology.

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