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Please contact me if you want me for a workshop, recording session or lesson; or to talk about music or research; or just to get in touch. If you want to play in Derby, see below.

Do you want to submit a track for BBC Radio 3's Freeness?

Freeness has ended! But it would still be lovely to hear from you.

ALL enquiries or track submissions should go to [email protected]. There is a team! We listen to everything. For track submissions, please make sure they're in either WAV or FLAC formats. If you send an expiring link, please give us enough time to get it.

Please don't send me messages about this in any other way; they will be ignored.

Are you looking to play in Derby?

I welcome most enquiries to play jazz and improvised music here! I prefer receiving links to things I can listen to, and I will listen to what you have sent me; so ensure that what you send is exactly what you want me to listen to.

Press reviews, endorsements, photos &c. mean nothing to me until I've booked something. I now only programme in ONE place:

If you think you'd fit in a programme of totally improvised; experimental; or "modern creative" music, please look at Out Front. The e-mail is .

If not, then please head to Derby Jazz. I don't programme for Derby Jazz any more.

I am more likely to see your request and respond if you follow the above directions.