Corey Mwamba


don't overthink it - NOW OUT.

I was sat thinking about the album, and tomorrow.

And then I re-read the title of the album, and stopped thinking.

And so, it's out now. I want you to hear it. I think it's music full of warmth and life. So—here it is.

Those of you that pre-ordered—thank you! E-mails are on the way, and once the CD packaging is done you'll get lovely discounts. I already know who you are.

I'd also like to thank all the people who've supported me through getting this out there, especially Dave and Joshua for finally convincing me to record the album in the way that we did; and to Michaela Butter from Embrace Arts for giving me a comfortable and acoustically rich physical space to do it. Doing something in a non-live setting was not something I was keen on because of the studio aspect, so the day we spent creating the music was a breakthrough moment for me personally. I worry too much—the only thing I can ask you to do is listen to it, and hope you love the music as much as I do.

Here you go:

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