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Potentially sad news about One Note Sunday

Well, the fab folks at the Crown and Cushion have called—if more people don't head down for One Note Sunday in August we won't be running it there. They were taking a risk doing it—the pub is normally shut on Sundays.

But again, I'm wondering: why aren't people heading down? Is it the time? I don't think it's the music; although it can be challenging, it's different every month, so there's always the chance of you hearing something you might like. The cost is low for having great musicians travelling across the country to here, where—to be honest—we just don't hear that kind of stuff.

So: we're at that chestnut again. What more do you want? It's be a pity to stop the nights; but at this rate we'll have no option.

Any thoughts?

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Anton Hunter

10th Jul 2013 | 2:49pm

That would indeed be a shame (not only because I'm playing in December). Obviously, not being from the area I can't offer too much local insight, but if the pub is normally shut on Sunday, maybe it'd be better in a place that might get a bit of passing trade? Or maybe that's too optimistic on my part, it occasionally works for our improv jam, people drift through the room and often stop and listen, occasionally staying a while. Converting that into paid audience member might be tricky.

Other things that have worked in the past, when Sam used to run a monthly night in an out-of-the-way area of Manchester, he found that flyering the immediate locality helped attendance, possibly because it was out-of-the-way, so people jumped at the chance to see anything. Rather than chasing an imagined "jazz" audience.

Just some thoughts anyway.

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