Corey Mwamba


Second Line: a new programme

So—you know how I decide I have too much money and occasionally programme things? I'm doing that again, but this time with some help.

Last year I was approached by Derby Jazz and asked if I'd like to select some gigs, and arrange them into a series to run alongside their usual programme. Second Line is the result; a reference to the drumming style as well as the parallel nature of the series. They're quite spread out; but I think they represent some really exciting new music!

The first gig in the series is Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri. Lucian and Mat have been to Derby before—I know this because I brought them here last time, and they've asked me to join them again which is a fantastic honour. Their new album received a four-star review in the Guardian and the upcoming concert is a Guardian gig of the week, which is great. I really hope you can make it down—7pm on a Wednesday means most people can make it back home at a late but not unreasonable hour, but with luck still allows time to eat some dinner beforehand. Hope the series inspires you to come out and hear some great music!

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