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Couple of technical questions about sign-in

I'm currently looking at how people sign into the site, and how or if I can make it better.

If you have time and have used my site, please help me out by answering a few questions.

  1. Did you know you could use a blog account to sign in? If not, would you use it?

  2. If you've signed in by e-mail, what do you think about the process? Is it too long, or complicated?

  3. Currently the site does not display links to profiles. This is not about displaying Facebook personal profiles—that simply will not happen. But what about other profiles? Would you like this?

Thanks in advance!

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10th Oct 2012 | 8:01am

1 yes 2 can't remember 3 yes, Wordpress/google/twitter/ custom URL

Corey Mwamba

13th Oct 2012 | 8:35am | replying to philwbass

Well Phil, since you were the only person to reply I'll take your suggestion on board for point 3!

I turned it off [can't remember why] but I'll switch it back on this morning.

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