Corey Mwamba


London Jazz Festival so-farness

I'm REALLY TIRED. But that's to be expected, really.

This will be relatively brief, as I'm going through the playlists from the talk with Alexander Hawkins. The talk has been really well received—lots of warm responses everyone, thank you to all who made it out! Keep an eye out on the gig pages for the first and second session—you can post comments there [or under this post here].

Sunday with Cerys Matthews was a blast—she's a real supporter of great music across the board and a thoroughly lovely person.

And last night at Black Top was immense! A packed audience and sheer brilliance... I'll write a longer post on all of the gigs when I get back.

Right—back to work; bit of a rest, and then preparing for the Nat Birchall gig!

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