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Entries for 24th Jan 2012

Once again, another test to Facebook. I've started adding articles to the Grow Your Own Site series... check the Rambles blog!

I think I have now pwned Facebook.

What that means in English is that I think my site updates are now going to Facebook without using—if so then Twitter is next...

And I apologise for the barrage of messages, but I'm very keen to get it working!!

Almost there...

Right. Please let me know if this works.

Problem solved!! Many, many apologies to those who do RSS of the status updates—it should all settle down. I'll be doing some more work on this, but suffice to say that sharing updates and messages to Facebook will be improving!! :)

Anyway, today: a wet morning, spent indoors. I have some more writing to do for the trio album—there are a few things left to do for a couple of the songs, but it's shaping up nicely. Then some prep for Leeds on Sunday!