Corey Mwamba


Entries for 10th Jun 2012

On with life, and living. Still pursuing reading music practice; and a small bit of composing. A reflective day.

I think the effects of loss in a small community [for that is how I see it] are so clearly articulated in the jazz/improv. scene I'm in. We're all connected; sometimes very loosely if at all [I only met Tony Marsh once, I think], other times stronger [as in the case with Andy Hamilton]. It's not like they're blood-linked family, but there's a real sense of loss.

Just read some sad news about the trumpeter Abram Wilson passing away either early this morning or last night. I don't know the circumstances. I wasn't a fan of what he did—and in fact, we didn't necessarily get on when we first met—but he was really doing things in terms of spreading the music he loved out there. I know there are people out there inspired by the work he did in education: and that's no bad thing. He'll be sorely missed.

Seems like everyone's going.

Got some tunes of pianist Adam Fairhall's to work through—trio rehearsal next week, with Rob Turner on drums.

Adam's tunes are lovely—fragments and snippets of melody, riffs. The first rehearsal was a blast! Lots of space to move...