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WARNING: this post will contain despicably dull yet relatively important information.

Did you know this site has help pages? No? Is that because this site is extremely easy to use? Yes, I know. And, y'know, it's hard, really hard, to keep this site at an acceptable level of code sturdiness and not adding lots of mad features like JavaScript and Flash, while at the same time ensuring it doesn't look like it was designed in 198something—or like a Wordpress site which nevertheless seems to cost over a thousand pounds for a "designer" to make.

So you can rest assured that when something like the EU Cookie Law comes my way, I relish the opportunity to increase my workload and try to understand something which I feel may not even affect me.

I have to tell you that this site uses HTTP cookies when you sign in to comment on gig or blog pages. It also uses cookies when you use the shop functions on the Get Music pages. For the first, that's an authentication cookie and by signing in you give your consent: I'm not forcing you to sign in. So we're all good. For the second, that actually comes under the exemption of the law. This is complete ass-hattery as both of those actually use sessions instead. There's only ONE cookie for this site. Two hours of reading, mind.

I think the server does visitor statistics but I never look at them. I might one day. But I'm not going to fix that now. Anyway the whole point of this post is that I've written all this up in the Help pages as simply as I can. If you're stuck, just write in and ask. And if I've performed some form of despicable evil in relation to cookie law, just let me know.

By the way, plough through the Help pages—there's all sorts of random fun there. If you like help pages.

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Corey Mwamba

25th May 2012 | 4:06am

Oh—and I know there isn't some kind of notice saying "do you consent to this site using cookies?"—I'm working on it. Seriously.

No, really.

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