Signing in

Signing in is currently only used for commenting on articles or gig pages. You do not need to sign in to read any of the public pages on this site.

The recommended and quickest way to sign in is using one of the account providers if you have one.

The sign-in supports the following accounts/profiles:

When you sign in with an account, the name that you use for the account is displayed but not logged unless you make a comment. When you comment, your name/nickname and profile address are logged, but only your name is displayed next to your comment. This site does not - and will not - collect e-mail address from account profiles.

If you sign in by e-mail and comment, your e-mail address is not displayed or shared.

You can also choose to withhold your name from public view.

If you make a comment and want to know when someone replies, you can subscribe to the comment RSS/Atom feed for that page; or watch the comments by e-mail. Again, your e-mail is not shared with anyone.


This site uses one HTTP cookie. It's called PHPSESSID and it's a session cookie to maintain information about each visit to the site.

It allows you to add things to your shopping list; and remembers that you're signed in when you move from page to page.

This cookie does not contain any personal information and only lasts for the duration of your visit. It should be deleted as soon as you close your web browser.

If I didn't code it, I can't control it: so externally embedded content and sharing buttons will have their own cookies and if you wish you can check with each provider to see what its policy is.

Blocking or deleting the cookie

Here's a list of pages to help you do this through the common browsers:

Just be aware that signing in to comment or buying CDs from the shop will be impossible though.


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  2. Standards
  3. Audio help
  4. Sharing
  5. Privacy


Many thanks to all those who have checked the site for ship-shapeliness, especially my fab mailing list.

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