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Entries for 29th Sep 2012

Cannot sleep; although I've had a restful day today. On Thursday Alexander Hawkins and I met up to talk about Way In To The Way Out; expect some surprises and good things!

a screenshot from Firefox—rare! Also, there's been a small change in design to the signing in process on the Rambles and Gigs pages: I've grouped all the single-click sign-ons [Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, MSN/Hotmail/Live, Y!/Yahoo, Google and WebID] together, you can simply select the icon or word you want to sign in. AND new comments get an edit button—but it only lasts for thirty minutes. I might make it permanent but we'll see.

Sleeping would be fantastic right now. I'm article-hopping right now—and boring myself by staring at Twitter. But it's not helping me sleep.