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From an old e-mail

I received this e-mail from someone that had heard me, Dave and Josh at Manchester Jazz Festival last year. I was archiving my e-mail and came across it—it's so heart-warming so I thought I'd share some of it... very humbling and really highlights why we make music.

I am almost lost for words to describe last night at MJF. All day I have felt an increasing compunction to write and thank you for a wonderful experience. I am sorry we could not wait much longer to chat but the last bus home was calling and it's a long way in a taxi for pensioners!

You must remember we are lay people when it comes to music but I really thought I heard something new and refreshing and quite brilliant last night. Several things really stood out for me, I would like to explain. About 12 months ago I bought a jazz magazine with a free CD of what I now call 'the modern London Jazz scene'. I must admit that to my untutored ear, I really find it difficult to listen to.

From start to finish what struck me most about your music was the way the three of you played as if it was one mind playing all 3 instruments. They all meshed perfectly together so the whole was so much more than the sum of the three component parts as opposed to each instrument detracting from the others. I listened to some of the debate in the other tent before your gig started on the history of jazz and was reminded that it started as 'music for the soul'. I don't think I have ever really understood or felt that about jazz before last night. I do now. What I'm finding difficult to understand in my own mind is why I felt the session reminded me of elements of my favourite classical music, Albinoni's oboe concerti, Gorecki and Mahler's 5th all floated through my mind on the way home.

I am glad you took my comments that I could not pigeon-hole your music into a genre in the way it was intended. That, along with a lack of a title for each piece enabled me to find my own meaning for the music. Now, I feel better for that. Thanks for letting me get that 'off my chest' and you can rest assured I will sleep easier for that tonight. Again, thanks for a wonderful and though provoking evening of quite outstanding jazz.

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