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Entries for 12th Feb 2012

Sad, sad news. Whitney's songs were always in the house as a kid: along with the SOS band, Rose Royce, Marvin Gaye, Aretha... sounds of growing up.

Here's Whitney first ever lead performance, on Paul Jabara's album "Paul Jabara and Friends".

And—because it failed once again—I'll try it again. Except this time I'll talk about something within the message. Feeling slightly unwell today—not sure if it's something I ate, as I had a quiet night in, but feeling very unsettled. After this relentless coding, I'm going to spend more time on the trio scripts—the scores are pretty much done, but creating parts from the full score is the tricky part.

I realise that I've been horribly remiss and not spoken about the great gig I had with Dave Kane and Alexander Hawkins. Alex played an absolute blinder, some really lovely stuff: and the audience [which was very healthy, and warm] really got into his playing! We all had a ball playing—here's a short clip of the proceedings... and there will be more!