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Over? I suspect not

The petition ends today. I'm not sure how to thank the 4,789 people who have signed it, other than to say a big thank you. "Winning" didn't happen—but winning isn't always the best thing to do: the fact that the issue has been brought up in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and even The Daily Mail; as well as music magazines like Classical Music, Digital Music News, and Billboard, shows me that this is something that really needs talking about.

I think the main thing though is that in a way we're bringing this up publicly to ensure this kind of nonsense [trying not to pay for the arts when you clearly have the budget for it] doesn't happen again.

Looking at the petition and comments list there are obviously musicians, dancers and other artists; but there is a large number of people who don't work in the arts who have signed it too.

The most used word to describe the situation from the comments is "disgusting" and the second was "disgraceful". This is something people feel strongly about. So I'll keep fighting.

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Corey Mwamba

30th Jul 2012 | 5:47am

And—again—this is not about disliking sport, or being against volunteering, or me feeling bitter—I talked about all that the other day.

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