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Entries for 28th Jan 2012

Why do people who are really upset about policies only protest for 24-48 hours? What happened to the long haul?

One of the striking messages in the stories I'm reading at the moment is that of persistence.

This coming Sunday: in Leeds. Very excited about this one—two friends who [I think] have never played together before... but I have a very good feeling about this! Last time I played in Alexander Hawkins' band it was a complete roast: he's a fabulous musician. Here's a video of that time, in Newcastle...

But today—a Burns' lunch with the family—not seen them for ages so looking forward to a good time there! And more reading of the Mabinogion for a potential new project!!

In the short time before heading out: more Twitter trickery, but this time for cognizance... :)