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Derby Original Music Ensemble - an idea

If I set up a fortnightly/monthly music open workshop ensemble in Derby, would you come?

Here's the [not-quite-fully-formed] idea:

We'd all get to meet other musicians, try new things, generally experiment. It's not a paid gig; but I'm hoping it'd be more focussed and potentially more constructive than a jam session. This is a participatory thing, but room hire and pushing the night would need covering, so there'd be a small charge for the audience [I'm thinking £5].

Any thoughts, offers of help/assistance and suggestions are welcomed!

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Corey Mwamba

26th Sep 2012 | 8:25am

Ooh, an acronym—DOME!

Corey Mwamba

26th Sep 2012 | 8:37am

The more support there is, the earlier we can start—but I'm thinking next year, possibly after One Note Sunday.


26th Sep 2012 | 9:56am | replying to Corey Mwamba

Well for obvious geographical reasons I wouldn't be able to commit to being there all the time—but it sounds great and I'd certainly be interested in coming along from time to time if it's at a practical time for me.

Julie Bernstein

26th Sep 2012 | 9:49pm

Tentatively interested.

Corey Mwamba

27th Sep 2012 | 5:09am | replying to Julie Bernstein

Hello you! Do you have any thoughts about it?

Incidentally, you can subscribe to the comments feed for just this page or watch them by e-mail—there's a short form by the side [or below if you're on a mobile device]

Corey Mwamba

27th Sep 2012 | 5:12am | replying to MartinPyne

Well Martin, you'd be very welcome!

I am considering applying for funding for it. But to do so, I need tangible support from people in Derby.

Chris White

27th Sep 2012 | 11:27am

I like the sound of this. In some ways it reminds me of CoMA, possibile collaboration with their Nottingham ensemble in the future?

Once a month on a Sunday I'm sure I could manage, week-nights, probably not possible for me. Would you consider some trial sessions before performing in public and charging entry? You may lose audience if the first sessions fall flat due to teething problems and the audience have paid to get in.

Len Fox

27th Sep 2012 | 1:06pm

This sounds a great idea. I would certainly be interested in participating. I'm a jobbing electric bass player, very used to performing with little or no chance to prepare. Almost always using western music conventions, but I'm very open to all types of music. I'm not a composer but I would be very happy to participate as an interpreter/performer. Next year would be better as my diary is already starting to fill with committments up to Christmas.

Corey Mwamba

28th Sep 2012 | 6:49am | replying to Chris White

Hi Chris—edited your comment so that the link came up as a link [if you haven't used Markdown before, there's a quick guide below the comments box].

Corey Mwamba

28th Sep 2012 | 7:35am

Thanks to everyone for the interest/comments so far! Please share the post and encourage people to comment.

I'm not going to say much more at the moment—but before I go silent:

I'm fully aware that this won't suit some people who want, need or like lots of time to prepare things; but the point of this is not to create perfection each time. Let's be honest—having several rehearsals doesn't guarantee that either.

But this is not that sort of gig. In fact, it is not a gig at all—it's an open workshop.

Personally I'm wanting to see the development of ideas: some things might not even be finished, just fragments of pieces that need to be heard [maybe discussed].

The "few rehearsals of new work, then gig" thing is actually very common: this is not that.

What I'm describing is "I've got this thing I'd like to do; will you help me work it through?"

With a workshop performance, the audience's expectations are managed by explaining very clearly what's about to be heard—no jargon or mystification. We have to be clear that some things will not work, but the experience of hearing something in its developmental phases is something special as well. That's what I'm wanting the audience to support.

On a practical level, I was thinking of a weekend early afternoon for preparation time; then early evening for the performance time.

And yes Chris, a trial run of this would possibly be useful!

I should also add that although DOME [why not?] has a primary focus on Derby, people from other places are welcome; but I would want to set restrictions on this, for example the composer and a high proportion of the ensemble has to be based in Derby/Derbyshire.

Corey Mwamba

28th Sep 2012 | 7:40am | replying to Len Fox

Len Fox—that's great! If I/we get any further there'll be another post with more details... just need to hear from more people and get a concrete structure to it. I could make the structure, but I want to make sure a reasonable number of people have helped shape it.


30th Sep 2012 | 1:51pm | replying to Corey Mwamba

I'm interested to join in with Dylan Menzies ( sax,duduk player). So if you cool with leicesterians as a part of ensemble, that would be ace:)

Corey Mwamba

7th Oct 2012 | 8:36am

Well, people have been commenting briefly, but not here—which is a shame because it'd be nice to have the comments in one place.

But just in case people check back here—I'm going to move ahead with this very soon; I want to set up a meeting [in Derby] in the next couple of weeks, and get a firm date for starting.

I think initially we should go without funding and see if this is a sustainable idea: then [if it is] go down that route.

Corey Mwamba

14th Dec 2012 | 3:20am

Forgot to say—new page at and meeting today at the Silk Mill Museum, 5.30pm. Would be great to see people!

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