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Last gig - and acorns

Today I do my last gig of the year.

I'm quite looking forward to it: although I've played with Olie, I've not worked with either Pete Ibbetson—who I remember contacting me on MySpace several years ago when he didn't live in London—or Rory Simmons, who I don't know at all except through some of his work on Fringe Magnetic. The prospect of new meetings in music is always a good thing; and the nights Pete [and others] put on under the S.E. Collective banner are a great indicator of the joy people have in presenting music to people everywhere.

To be honest though, I'm quite looking forward to the break after this. It isn't getting any easier to travel in England—for anyone, and any joy I may have felt at being able to work pretty solidly through the year has been tempered by expensive and tiring train journeys lifting a heavy object. I've been through three trolleys this year; but the one I have now [thanks to those who bought my music!] looks like it will outlast me, if only because if it fell on me it would crush me like a twig.

But the grumbles about travel are very small points in comparison to what I think has been a fun year for me. I got to play and chat with Steve Williamson, which is a massive thing for me; working with Alex Hawkins on Way In to the Way Out was a blast; One Note Sunday is actually working and bringing some great music to where I live; and I got to play more with Dave and Josh, recording an album in the process. In addition, I've met lots of people who have been kind in speech and deed about my work and efforts. I've received some kind messages and they've been really encouraging, meant a lot to me and kept me going—hopefully in a good direction!

Have a restful holiday, whoever reads this.

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