Corey Mwamba



There are 91 albums and 5 singles. I have grouped my recordings to try and make it easier to navigate them. Currently they are all available on Bandcamp. Some are only available through digital subscription, which is a great way to sustainably support my work, specifically with Out Front!, my live programming series in Derby. Thank you to everyone who supports my work, and I hope you enjoy the music.

the blood relations

These albums are consanguine; they follow a long thread, and can be perceived as an overarching collection through my work.


The collections are episodic, and are my way of commenting and critically thinking with the world. They are irresistibly about the present, the habitual; the binding of vibraphonist and vibraphone to form an instrument; socialities and socialries.


Through (s)kin I am remembering things. I am re-stating them for those who did not hear the first time. I am saying my unsaid and leaving them unpolished.

systems, sutras

systems, sutras is a collection of music that has been notated first, or emerges from notation; or derives from a set system.


evoke, invoke, provoke, revoke -- the forms of calling {past, present}, through various means of transcription or inscription (paper, memory, files).

shared spaces

note: the majority of this collection will only be available through subscription

Continuing my work in Songs for the New Folk, I want to consider notions of belonging for Black diaspora communities: what it means to "belong", and the nature and tensions of "sharing spaces" with indigenous and settled communities.