Corey Mwamba


Beneath The Waves

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Gawain Hewitt: Electronics, synth, field recordings, hydrophone Corey Mwamba: Vibraphone and other instruments Abimaro: Vocals (prerecorded and manipulated)

In August 2016 I played an improvised concert with Corey Mwamba in Derby. This concert came at an important time for me as I explored what being a performing musician meant to me as a sound artist and it remains a favorite concert.

What I was interested in at the time was the sound of water and ice, and this improvisation uses recordings I made in water and ice earlier that year on canals, rivers, seas and lakes in the UK and Norway as well as a hydrophone in a bucket.

Corey is playing Vibraphone and other instruments.

This recording also uses a manipulated recording of a piece Abimaro recorded for this project.