Corey Mwamba


don't overthink it

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Corey Mwamba - vibes Dave Kane - bass Joshua Blackmore - drums Chris Trent - recording (and mixing and mastering) See Chris' work at Many many thanks to Michaela Butter and all at Embrace Arts ( in Leicester for giving us their beautiful space in which to record; and all who supported the creation of the album. tags

This is the first time the trio has recorded together in a non-live setting: but the session is still strongly rooted in the trio's approach to total improvisation and creating an open, living music.

The best thing we can tell you is to listen carefully.

"This is the sound of three minds working together in a utopian zone way beyond the individual ego - and producing something quite beautiful in the process." **** Jazzwise Magazine, May 2013

"There's a simple manifesto in its title and some complex improvised music on the album, but enjoying it is a simple matter. [...] the intuitive understanding shared by all three musicians is paramount in creating this very attractive musical world. [...] engaging and evocative music." All About Jazz, March 2013