Corey Mwamba


Sipping Rioja at Home

£10 or more

Me - vibraphone, dulcimer, beak flute, ocarina, bloopy/squashy sounds, drum kit, guitar, Yamaha PSR-280, Indian hand bell, round vase, Pilates exercise ball, wine bottles, lap-and-work-top, voice, audio processing Nature - Aurora Borealis VLF activity, bird sounds, breeze, people Campo Viejo, Monte Cielo, Faustino VIII, Carinena, Navarra, Valencia, Altivo, rooiboos tea - production values, creative input

This album was actually recorded much earlier than its release date; was free on MySpace at some point; is available on to listen to; and is now here.

This is the first "real" solo album for me, and is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories. One of the tracks was featured on the BBC Jazz Awards 2008 album. It was recorded on a Windows 98 PC using the lowest quality soundcard I could find, so it has to be listened to at full volume with big speakers or great headphones.

It's totally crunchy and dirty, and is one of my favourite things.