WARNING: I am about to mention that I will be <a href="http://trio" />

Corey Mwamba


The one where Corey mentions he'll be on tour quite a few times

WARNING: I am about to mention that I will be on tour with Joshua Blackmore and Dave Kane several times during this post. REPEAT: I will be on tour

Well. All the tickets are booked—just got to find places to stay. Can anyone recommend nice cheap [£40 or less] places to stay in Reading or Cardiff?

Oh, didn't I alert you to the fact that I will be on tour starting from January? No? Well, it's very exciting, I can tell you. I haven't packed yet, but I will be doing so—I may even buy new clothes. Although I'm currently smarting from having to get a new laptop—since my S6010 is dying. Luckily, the hard drive is fine, so I'll just be porting it across; but certainly something I could have done without over the season of giving.

Still, things are good at the moment; I've got a bit of a writing head on me—working on a way writing things cross art-form; devising some music for an unnamed, potentially extant group that I hope will be an extension of the trio [with which, if you hadn't realised already, I will be on tour]; and thinking about possibly re-designing the web-site to a minimalist state like the trio site, and allowing comments.

I've come to think that there isn't half as much music on here as I'd like—and deep down inside, I'm much happier if you come to a performance and hear my music live, and then maybe help me play somewhere else. And also chat about life; things like that. If that's not possible, then I'd much rather you just heard it: but I'm not going to become rich out of it, that isn't the point. Obviously it's nice when people do pay for recordings, but hey. It will take time—but I think that is where I'd like to head. So maybe by March... after that tour I will be doing.

Happy holidays, whoever reads this.

And don't forget about my tour.

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