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Oh, hello there. I'm going to have to change the way I put articles up here again: I'm sure it was easier for me before. Anyway, to re-cap: I was just about to head off to do a workshop/lecture at Salford University, which I have to say was nerve-wracking.

I sat on the crammed, tiny train to Salford, watching the Pennine sky change reliably from bright clear blue to relentless grey, thinking: I have no idea what I'm going to say to these people. I was to talk about composition and performance, which I do but don't necessarily talk about, certainly not in an academic sense: but it turns out that the students were much more interested in the experience of working as a musician, which was great. It was a stimulating conversation, and I finally relaxed as we talked more about music. A very enjoyable day that I hope to repeat.

The work in Cotmanhay [which I think I mentioned is going great guns! I'm running workshops in using a Linux system to create audio with Wash Arts, which allows me to express my tech-nerd nature without feeling alone.The worst bit is writing the tutorials, which is always time-consuming. But the people I'm working are great, and all the participants seem to enjoy the sessions even though they do get quite technical.

Playing-wise, things have been quiet: I had a lovely recording session with the composer James Kelly, but other than that, not much. It's probably just as well since I've been trying to organise things for the trio tour: and finally, that's done. Now to start booking train tickets and B&Bs. With the extra time, I got to see the fantastic Profound Sound Trio: a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience. And tonight, I'm off to see the Mitchell, The Spaven and The Mason play at the Dance Centre. But perhaps some present-buying first...

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