Corey Mwamba


Two bits of published writing

Very pleased to flag up two articles written by me have been published!

The first is a book chapter ‘The Mistake as Material’, which is in The Aesthetics of Improvisation. The second is an article called ‘The Second Masking’, which is in Jazz Research Journal. You can download the article for free! Sorry, my mistake (I was logged in at the time). Maybe ask someone with academic access? I can distribute the article in two years' time.


Y'know, here's the thing. This situation is so very, very annoying. One of the reasons I felt I had to do a Master's degree was because there was only one sort of institution that held the books and information I needed to read, so that I could learn and develop. I absolutely understand that publishing is a costly process, but the financial barrier (in both cases)...

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4th Jul 2020 | 9:16am

Congratulations on the publications, Corey. I enjoy reading your writing as well as listening to the recordings in which you feature. And I agree! Madness! To do a Masters primarily to get access to the written material you’re interested in seems a bit much! It’s a (fortified) Ivory Tower all right! Just subscribed on Bandcamp for what feels like a ridiculously low amount of money—thank you. I’ll try and top it up periodically. Thanks for all you do. Please keep on :)

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