Corey Mwamba


cmbook/mem (automatic writing)

The SSD failed yesterday morning. A wave of fear fell upon me. I had to assess the situation: what have I lost? What could I do? What am I going to do right now? My reliance on the machine was total. I calmed myself slowly, remembering my backups, and that no important documents were stored on the drive itself. But a small grief entered. The machine is my journal and my canvas; my confidant and weapon. It had carried me through a three-year journey, and in a way become part of my identity; the time I had spent customizing how it worked and how I worked with it are crystal memories for me. Nothing. The tests run. smartctl revealed nothing. fsck twice. /boot needed repairing; it was fixed. Memory. Sitting in the pub, in the hotel, on the bed, writing and reading to memory. I look at the error again. I remove the screws, underneath; check the cables. Nothing. I am empty, out of options. I consider what I can save, and quietly mourn a friend.

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