Corey Mwamba



This has been a signal year. I think about signals a lot. I spent three years thinking about signals, and sounding, and sounding after sounding.

I thought, initially, that I was thinking about the vibraphone. But like my favourite artists, I was using the vibraphone to think.

This year I encountered white supremacy in its most polite, elite form.

I had an interesting 'death', which has led to an interesting life. I have found ways of expressing my purpose. There are tensions. There is a programme I design that would barely accept me. There is a programme I present that I ethically cannot accept myself. Both allow others, and in helping others, and their voices, I am glad.

Voices. Who tells stories. Who says what is. This has been a year about signals. I signalled an end to my objectification. In turn, my work has been talked about. I am glad, but saddened.

Sadness. I signalled that I would distance myself from a family. It has also meant having more time for family. I have done and made things in ways that have helped me be, in ways I could not be before.

Some of you will not understand any of this, or any of the things I have done this year. I do not care. Not everything is for you.

Love and blessings for the coming year.

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