Corey Mwamba


Pear Tree Library -- an asset

Derby City Council has decided to close down Pear Tree Library. The area will still have a library: it is moving to the Saint Augustine's Centre. But it's indicative of the city council's thinking over the last five years that reduces the role of the library to a simple book loan and web cafe site.

As a library, this building was not only a repository of books, but a open, public, and welcoming meeting place and venue for the whole community. It has had that position for decades, and with its central location it is literally at the heart of Pear Tree and Normanton.

To close it down and potentially lose it to commercial concerns would be a travesty. Which is why I and twenty-one others have decided to nominate it as an Asset of Community Value. I have sent in the application today, just fifteen minutes ago, and will keep you updated on any progress.

Sometimes you just have to wake up and do something.

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