Corey Mwamba


What is it like?

and I turned and said
doing this is really hard
but it is the best thing I have
ever decided to do

well, there aren't many of us
in these places
yeah! I know
there should be more
it can be difficult to crack into the cliques
who knows

I chose to do it
after thinking I never would
and this may be
an unpopular opinion
but I liked learning at school
I like being educated

and after I did my Master's
I thought I would not do this
and then I did two years later
and it has been difficult

good if you have people there and
geared up to support you, as it is a

what? no.
some research is
finding things out
and there are ways of doing that
but research is also
contributing to informed flows
of conversation in informed ways
not all the information is there
what we do is important
you will never finish
even when you do

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