Corey Mwamba


dwell secure (letter to Government)

Who are you talking to? I can certainly hear you.

Who are you listening to? Are you listening to me?

Killing people over there—in that space apart from HERE—will not prevent attacks over here—in this space apart from THERE.

The trouble next door should have taught you this (do you remember when they were terrorists, and not paramilitary units? I believe you declared this only a few months ago).

There have been many troubles. They all should have taught you something.

Who are you listening to?

Having massive destructive capability has had no effect on how safe you feel. It did not even make you safe when we had trouble here—and you may have forgotten, but I have not. And because you did not feel safe, more people died. To protect yourself. But you still did not feel safe.

Who are you listening to?

What effect does your idea of protection have on our liberty? Are you protecting us to feel safe; to feel powerful; or to stake your claim?

How long will we wage war? How many will have to die until we have won?

Will we be safe?

Are you listening to me?

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