Corey Mwamba


a gentle plug; and a public vow

Yes indeed; a plug. The week before I move house, I have two gigs with my fab trio: one in London at the Vortex on Wednesday [possibly with a couple of special guests!], and one on Friday at home in Derby. I urge you to come to at least one, if you can, as they will both be fun.

And then after the fun, I promise to pack things in boxes much better than I did last time, and throw out all the papers that I seem to think are important enough to keep, but not file away in any meaningful order.

Since I got rid of all the "useless" computer bits the last time I moved, I shouldn't have an issue with them any more: but you know how these things go, so I'll spend most of the next week working out why I need certain cables. I will then dispose of the ones I actually need and keep the bits I don't. And then, in a few months' time, I'll ask where they are. It's just a natural cycle.

And then, after moving, I'll be leaving my tidy, totally unpacked house to have musical trio fun in Reading. Honest.

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