There is one stylesheet for this site: here it is.

The web-site was designed with this site in mind. Thus, If you

  1. are in the habit of switching between browsers;
  2. are using Internet Explorer or an older browser; or
  3. are using a mobile phone to use this site

expect a different layout.

Code validation

The entire web-site is served as HTML5 + RDFa and so it passes a validation check for HTML5.

The stylesheet is valid to CSS 3, as long as you're using a browser that requires proprietary extensions. This site does not use Flash except in the case of embedding Flash videos from other providers.

JavaScript is used for the dynamic status updates on the home page.

I code the pages in a text editor, and test them in


The main aim of the site is for it to be read on as many platforms as possible, including text-only browsers. I hope to have achieved this.

I have tested the accessibility of the site using the Functional Accessibility Evaluator from the University of Illinois. It's impossible for it to be comprehensive in the same way a person can; but it's a useful starting point.


  1. Reading the site
  2. Standards
  3. Audio help
  4. Sharing
  5. Privacy


Many thanks to all those who have checked the site for ship-shapeliness, especially my fab mailing list.

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