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This site uses the following protocols to share its content, with luck making it easier for you wherever you wish to share it!

  1. Calendars

    The Gigs pages all use iCalendar in RDFa. You can subscribe to the Gigs page as an public calendar using the link:

    Here are instructions on how to do this for

    There are many ways to do this using a Linux system - but the simplest is to use curl or wget in a terminal.

  2. OEmbed

    You can embed content from my Gigs, Rambles and Get My Music into an external site using OEmbed. The OEmbed request looks like this:

    It only gives XML responses. So, a request to fetch a gig would look like this:

    and the response would be

    <author_name>Corey Mwamba</author_name>
    <provider_name>Corey Mwamba</provider_name>
    <title>PARRJAZZ sessions</title>
    <p><img src="" style="width:200px; float: left;margin-right: 4px"/>Gig + jam session.</p><p>Tue 15th May 7:30pm, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool: &#163;3</p>
  3. Open Graph Protocol

    Open Graph Protocol is used by Facebook. As the whole site is written in "XHTML5+RDFa" almost every page will have a reasonable format when shared to Facebook.


  1. Reading the site
  2. Standards
  3. Audio help
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  5. Privacy


Many thanks to all those who have checked the site for ship-shapeliness, especially my fab mailing list.

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