Reading the site

In short: I'm British and adhere to British spellings; and you can modify the size of the text using your browser.

Text size

I've tried to set the text at a readable size, but if you are having trouble reading the text, you can change the text size on your computer.

In general, you can find a way to change the text size by this method:

  1. go to the View menu in your browser; then
  2. find an option or sub-menu called Text Size, Zoom or Zoom Text

You will be able to resize the text from there.

The BBC has created a superb page with specific instructions on how to change text size.

Browser keyboard short-cuts

If you like, you can use your keyboard to cycle through and select links.

  1. Safari

    Go to Preferences; under the "Advanced" tab, select Highlight links as you press the Tab key. You can then use Tab or Option-Tab to cycle through links and form fields [This was found from an answer in a forum; I had no joy finding any information on the Safari site. Let me know if this information is incorrect].

  2. Opera

    Opera has extensive documentation for keyboard use. But most importantly, you can use Q and A to cycle through links, and Tab to cycle through form fields.

  3. Firefox and Internet Explorer

    Use Tab to cycle through links and form fields.

Language and style

I write in an informal style from my viewpoint on most of the pages, except for those where I have [or someone else has] written in the third person. I use British English spellings on this site, closely related to the Oxford English Dictionary.

I skim-read for typographical errors, but will always correct them if notified nicely. If I quote someone else, I leave their mistakes in - and will not correct them unless asked by the author, or the mistake is so bad as to render the text incomprehensible.


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  5. Privacy


Many thanks to all those who have checked the site for ship-shapeliness, especially my fab mailing list.

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