Corey Mwamba


All change here as the articles have been integrated into the site! Also, I have added some of the tips for Linux that were on My Opera.

Displaying iCal events in Conky WITHOUT Google Calendar
Want events in Conky? Don't want Google Calendar?
Expo dock paging using CSS3 and DOM
CSS3 transforms with a tiny bit of DOM to create a nice dock effect on text.
Fluxbox: combining commands in a user menu
Fluxbox is very flexible, even if no one wants to tell you about it. Here's an example.
Fluxbox Deco Bitmasks
Fluxbox's man page doesn't fully explain the bitmask for setting the deco property in the apps file. Here's the explanation.
JavaScript Rendering of References for Quotations and Paraphrases
Exposing the potentially useful cite attribute in blockquotes and in-line quotations.
CSS3 pseudo-dynamic paging
Simple CSS beginner's method for creating a menu with summaries on hover.
RDFa to iCalendar service
PHP script to extract calendar information from RDFa.
Vendor-agnostic RDFa Event Markup
UPDATED A method of denoting events in HTML using RDFa.
SVG audio player - a quick walkthrough
SVG Tiny + JavaScript audio player - with HTML5 backup.
Creating timelines with semantics
Using RDFa to create time- and duration-based timelines.