Corey Mwamba


Displaying iCal events in Conky WITHOUT Google Calendar

Conky is used to write various bits of information to your desktop/workspace. It has lots of scripts written for it which will display weather, news and a whole lot more...

...except iCalendar events from a local file. There is a workaround by signing up to Google Calendar and downloading any of the various scripts; but I can't really see the point in signing up to a calendaring service when you have a calendar already [I don't use Google Calendar].

So I found a simple, crude way of getting what I want. I can't format it [and perhaps someone can help with that?], but at least it works. Simply get Calcurse and import your iCal file into it [you have to run Calcurse from a terminal]. Then go to your Conky config file and add ${execi 3600 calcurse -a -r 7} under the TEXT section. This will display your appointments for the next seven days. You can find other options by reading the Calcurse documentation, which is well-written.