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Entries for Sep 2013

What a groove!

Just a few tech things—converting all the pages to HTML5, since the specification now allows RDFa attributes. If you notice anything funny about the pages, please let me know!

Today: tinking with some JavaScript to create timelines. I might use it for the site, but not sure...

I've been reading about the EventSource specification. The tutorials about this all seem incomplete, or require a newer technology. If these are supposed to be Living Standards, why aren't they created in a way that allows people to use them with fewer resources?

Also on the web-site tidying tip—I've tried adjusting the CSS, with minor changes. I'd been planning a wholescale change, but this time I pulled back from the abyss!

I might still do something for the gig pages though. I've had some nice comments about the single-sheet gig pages for the trio mini-site and I'm wondering about doing a similar format.

Just testing out the EventSource stream. You can take a look to see it [possibly] in action.

With any luck it'll stream any quick updates to the page automatically—visit it and check!

I admit that I'm possibly laying waste to the front page of my site right now, but this could be really useful. I'll write up the technique soon too—and try to make it more complete than the sources I had to use to eventually make this.

Creating a live stream of updates has been something I've thought about for a year or more. I need to work on making accessible to people who don't use JavaScript, but I think that will be pretty easy. More on this tomorrow!

Was going to shout at EE, but instead decided to practise "Sicily" by Chick Corea for the gig in Derby next month:

Nope—I'm going to have to go out the house and find out if EE has in fact delivered this thing. Which I'm almost certain they will not have.

Just for piece of mind—moved status updates to a new database, so I can stop littering my blogging one.

The main issue for me now is what form the stream will take. I'm not sure I should change the design to accommodate the technology, but I don't want to put the stream down the side of a page; or bury it in with the rambles...

The other alternative is that I convert my home page into something more like a profile page.

This would tie in with some old thinking about WebIDs.

[and on a side-note: I really must try to gather all my writing in one place!!]

But there are two huge bonuses to this:

  1. I don't have to use social silos to "think aloud"—I can just do it here, control what to keep. If I wanted, I could hook up an RSS feed and have send the feed to Twitter or Facebook, if I want that interaction; and
  2. I own it. I can make this look how I want; and can place it anywhere on my site.

These are massive gains.

This morning, the status updates had all gone—which is a good thing, since there were only supposed to last a day. But it also leaves an empty page! Will have to think of another way of limiting the posts.

Trying out a new layout, using blockquotes.

R.I.P. Lindsay Cooper.

Had a fun rehearsal with the Soul Deep band, ahead of the gig next month. It's been a long time: I can't clearly remember the last time I played Spain [or indeed, the first time!] but I certainly had fun doing it.

Morning coding; dragging myself into the 21st Century with a phone; and reading. Not long now until I start my course, and filled with a nervous energy about it.

Alexander Hawkins has a new look to his site. It has a fresher look than the previous design—and since Alex is one of the most interesting musicians around, it'll always be worth a visit!

I have a quince tree. This was the most exciting find when moving to the new place: and now the fruit is ripe! But what to do with them?

How did we create a world where my new phone boots up—yes, boots up—slower than my laptop?

So—Derby Telegraph reports a story about claims that a school is forcing teachers to wear head scarves, and make girls sit at the back.

Yes, this is very bad if the claims are true: but then the Derby Telegraph decides to push the article from the slant of "Muslim school using public money", knowing that some elements out there will go a bit... well... Griffin. Bloom [allegedly]. Here, have a look at the comments.

Anyway, at least four times on Twitter they push the reaction to the story. In the reactions, there is no mention of the wider issue of free schools and how they spend money; just the usual ranting about people "taking over the country" from people who will never know any better.

Are we supposed to believe that the paper didn't see that coming? When a paper starts promoting the reaction rather than the story itself, I think we should be worried about the quality of the paper. If there's any case of wrong-doing at the school, then of course it should be reported. But it's not because they're Muslim: and the Derby Telegraph is wrong to push the story in a way that can only incite xenophobia.

This is a fascinating, in parts humorous [and long] interview with Braxton, a monumental figure in modern creative music. Well worth a Sunday read.

New Ramble: A blow to Jazz North East —

Pure lyricism.

Steve Albini's inspiring letter to Nirvana—sensible points about making an album.

My diary is going into complete meltdown. Cramming too much into the end of the year...

It's like someone's sensed I'll be cutting back next year.

It's great to be busy: but where are the gaps??

Love the flow of this session.

Love the increasing desperation of Spotify recommendations.

Testing out TwitterFeed to see if they're more sane than

Another day; another attempt at dealing with code. Still, possibly Sons of Kemet to look forward to later...

Stuck on Twitter's ridiculous API documentation? This helped me in 2 minutes:

And—with some luck I'll be getting a book on qualitative research down too.

Being able to post to Twitter in a sane way means that I can now work on cognizance's gig listings again. But not now.

It also means I can post from my phone to my own site and control the flow.

Does anyone fancy holding my hand when I enrol at university tomorrow? Actual jitters.

I think I may have wanted/needed to do this much more than I thought!

I promised myself that I wouldn't talk too much about starting, but it's just hitting me.

And if you feel like supporting my work whilst I'm studying, please buy some music!

This morning's highly effective listening: Alexander Hawkins' new album is solo piano heaven.

The bus ride into Keele is graced with Robert Mitchell's The Embrace: great song!

Just got to the library. Makes me realise just how much I don't know yet. In awe.