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I missed a few days... but here's a round-up.


Let me start with THIS lifesaver. SAINSBURY'S. Take a bow. It tastes like wine. Not great wine; not even good wine. But passable, I-don't-need-to-overwork-my-imagination wine.

Why is this important? Because drinking alcohol isn't always about getting drunk. It's about being social, experiencing different tastes, complementing food, relaxing, meditating. And doing those things using that specific thing. Finding a substitute that even approaches actual wine is going to be a massive help.

Then there was this "gin":


This had a very faint flavour. I was hoping to really get the taste of juniper but it was far too subtle. On the plus side, it's a drink you can have hot, in the mornings, with lemon! But at around the same price as actual gin, it is nowhere near worth it. Non-alcoholic drinks are only slightly cheaper in general; I fail to see the incentive. Also, you still have to be ID'd if you buy these drinks.

And then I had these:


The Nirvana Karma was quite bitter. But it grew on me, I could imagine having a couple of slow ones. The Infinite Session was really good.

If all this sounds positive, then don't worry, because I also had a bottle of Bavaria:


Is malt the only flavour? It would appear so in the non-alcohol world. This beer was actually worse than Becks Blue, which both thrilled me and depressed me all at once. Speaking of mood: irritability has reigned the last couple of days. Why are these drinks so uninteresting? When do they become fun? Will they ever? I understand now that I need a drink with which I can have a deep, satisfying communion. Something to enjoy and lighten the spirit. Does it exist?

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