Corey Mwamba


RHIZOME: last updates!

Quick note to announce the last two features for RHIZOME. The first is a clearer, more useful finder.


The new improved Finder!

There is a quick chooser from which you can pick a musician or group. Below, I've picked Olie Brice's group...


... and then from that listing, decided to read up on Rachel Musson.


You can also doing filtering, based on region, year of formation, and year of disbanding. Here's a query for bands formed over the last five years.


The final feature is one which no one actually asked for, but ties a nice bow on all the activity for RHIZOME as it goes back to what Kimberley Crofts originally did: you can now make your own limited, personal rhizome, by picking the groups you want (I may extend it to people as well, later).


You can add as many groups as you want; and when you press the magic button it generates a chart which you can share.


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