Corey Mwamba


karate (automatic writing)

my hands
my fingers curl towards the top of my palm
my right shoulder burns as I telegraph the motion
(I should have taken the paracetamol before)
lock the thumb; keep the fingers in place
I wanted to—
(there is a blankness)
("were you angry?" no. There is a blankness as I move my fists through all this energy, this material. This 2700 has the bars of a 3400. )
My thigh
I will use my thigh
and move this material
open the hand
the hand is empty
I am too close; move back
(there is a blankness. I do not feel as if I am in a forest. I can hear a voice, over there. I glance at the others, and I see that they know that, for now, I have not finished yet. I am being urged forward)
I am surrounded by more energy
I surround my left shoulder with this energy
and move through the material
my body joins the material of the bars
I look at the bars
I look at my hands
They are never blank
They are surrounded by energy
We are surrounded
There is so much material
I fall
There is so much

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