Corey Mwamba



I am stood waiting in a recording session. One of the engineers approaches me. "I noticed there was a sound coming from somewhere on the instrument... I don't know if you wanted to fix it; I think it adds to things..."

It is now 2002 and I am creating a forest. The forest is a metaphor I use for the sounds that surround me as I layer and sample an instrument. The forest has tall trees; it is dark. I notice the rustling of a certain tree. I cannot see the trees, but I can hear them. I pay attention to this tree. I make it smaller, smell earth. On Sooperlooper, I reverse the sample; multiply it. The 701 is listing to the right; the tape used to hold it together is fraying. I push it, to re-align it; it creaks. A new plant emerges.

"No, that sound is just fine."