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The Week: part of the ordinary flow

In October, Out Front! is going to run a small, short experiment to see how people in Derby feel about having live, improvised music available and (hopefully) accessible to them for five—and if I include a Derby Jazz gig, six—nights. It's running over the Autumn Half Term and it is called The Week, which may seem thoroughly unimaginative; but it is for a very good reason.

The end point is not when The Week finishes. I've had some trouble articulating this in conversation; but the aim of The Week is not to have a festival, but to make live, improvised music part of the ordinary flow of a life in the city; in essence, to make it ordinary and elevate the concerts, this music (and by extension, arts and culture) as rights and not privileges.

This is what's running through The Week:

I hope everyone gets a chance to hear at least one of the concerts that are running during the period: you can bring children (and that is true with all the gigs I put on) and you will experience something new and exciting, full of creativity. But more than just coming to the gigs, I really hope that people will feel that they want to see more of this kind of activity in the city, even if they cannot go to everything on offer.

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