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within, but as

Art is a delicate form of communication. By delicate, I mean fine, intricate; it does not have to be fragile or subtle. This intricate communication does not have to impart anything, but is always open to an interpretation. In music, this communication is akin to a feedback loop between the self, the listener(s), and whoever you're playing with. How/whether we present our identities through that experience is a defining question in jazz and improvised music.

When we work in groups, we balance our selves with the aim of a whole (to make music together). This balancing act does not always work. But the experience of it, the struggle for the aim: that has an immeasurable value. It is entirely possible to maintain that struggle, those aims, alone. But collective music making has a special magic of its own.

I watched En Bas last night. Seth Bennett had written some beautiful music for string quartet. Within that music, four voices aim, struggle; and they make music. But you know there are independent voices within.

This feeling of sounding within, but as yourself is something I know very well from yana. Feeling within, but as myself is something that I would want for all aspects of my life. And that is why, based on my feeling, I am going to vote to remain tomorrow.

I could have spoken about this analytically; several people have done this already. But choosing one way or another has to have an aesthetic dimension. That is why we can still debate and refute things that are by evidence are shown to be true. Politics is the aesthetics of power. We react to facts and studies not analytically; but with a sense of taste. "Does this suit me?" Remaining suits me.

And I am not fond of some of the designs I have seen from the other side.

I wonder when the UK will begin to talk about its imperialist hang-ups in any meaningful way. We all have stories, and there is a narrowing of nuance in our discussions about all sorts of topics; it makes little difference whether we leave or remain if we don't deal with these things, and fast. The fact it has taken a political assassination—a terrorist act—to shock the country's awareness is cause for great mourning and sorrow.

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