Corey Mwamba


Site change 2016

As you are probably aware, the site has changed again, just in time for its "birthday" next week; I've had a site for sixteen years.

Like previous versions, there are more changes under the hood than above. So the CSS is 10KB lighter than before; most of the pages are smaller, especially the home page; and all the sections of the page are in semantic HTML5 containers as I think they should be used, bearing in mind the... diaphanous... nature of the specification. As I went through the structural elements of the pages, I made the decision to use Flexbox.

What this meant was that it was a much harder switch-over that earlier overhauls; so much so that

  1. I was responsible for a server-crippling issue for which my web-host was incredibly understanding and I still feel immensely guilty; and
  2. the site's stylesheet didn't work in one of the WebKits on one device. Which, given that it's WebKit, is hardly surprising. Have I mentioned my disdain for ALL the WebKits before? No?

Luckily, lots of people helped me fix the problem by sending screenshots! So it now it should look good whether you're on a mobile or a more sensibly-sized screen. If your browser can't use Flexbox, the layout will be basic, but readable. OLD Opera users will be absolutely fine (because I still test in it first and Dragonfly is just so helpful in debugging).

If you miss the Testbed section, then don't fret, but do wait: I'm thinking of moving them into the main Rambles.

Hope you like the new look!