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Kudos, Zoe!

Dave and I were talking about something yesterday, and I thought I'd mention it. There are some people who will never be awarded for their services to jazz. And I will take the opportunity to be clear: the idea of being (or not being) chosen for an award partly selected by people who on a business-as-usual basis fail to help the country; and have the power to tell the DCMS to give more money to Jazz Services but do not, really bothers me.

Anyway, if I was to pick someone for services to jazz right now, I'd nominate Zoe Gilby.

Zoe is tireless in sharing information on other people's gigs and news on-line: she's better than any blog I know. She and Andy Champion have been bringing new music to Tyneside through Splinter, which also provided opportunities for local musicians. When other musicians are so reticent in their support of others, Zoe is right there. So it's really sad to hear that the yana gig in Newcastle will be the last one. I'm hoping people step out and applaud what Zoe and Andy have tried to do; as well as what we all see Zoe doing every day.

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